Episode 7 – Racka Racka it up!

With 1.3 Million subscribers to their YouTube channel Brothers Danny and Michael Philippou could be and should be described as a success.

In conversation they both remain very down-to-earth, describing themselves as wannabe filmmakers and labelling much of their work on the “Racka Racka” YouTube channel as funny clips.

We chat about their origins, videoing the chaos and mayhem they created with neighbourhood friends in their own backyard. We then travel with them to the present where they continue to film more of the same but with large budgets and larger, well chaos and mayhem.



Concepts and Themes

  • Difference between Clips and Films
  • Their Epic childhood and surviving it
  • Creating something never seen in order to gather an audience
  • Creating controversy and getting into trouble
  • Monetising Google
  • Thoughts on Crowd funding and Patron type concepts
  • Federal funding
  • Differences between being unfunded / self-funded and receiving funds
  • Offers of production from MTV and other producers
  • The limitations and censorship that come with various funds and production options
  • Working in Adelaide vs overseas
  • Pay to download and subscription services like Netflix and Stan
  • Non Racka Racka projects, including their success with short film Deluge in the South Australian Screen Awards
  • Future Projects
  • Importance of getting outside and doing something


Favourite Movies

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