Episode 6 – News Making

Leila Henderson’s LinkedIn profile is considerable. As a professional in PR, marketing, social media and journalism a well written LinkedIn profile should be expected. That said her profile is not just a bunch of nicely arranged words rather it is considerable simply because she is tremendously accomplished in business.

Leila shares with us her story from journalism, into PR and back again. She also provides insight into her roles in a multitude of successful tech startups of her own and also within teams made up of some of Australia’s great technology entrepreneurs.

She also provides us a few tips to promote Catching 22 that we will be putting into action.



Concepts and Themes

  • Stand-up comedy as a tool to hone public presentation and as a pastime
  • Journalism and PR
  • Participating in tech startup before the dot.com crash
  • Tips for hiring a developer
  • It is hard to find mature players because everything is early days at the cutting edge of technology
  • The NewsMaker story
  • Basic tips for submitting a press release to NewsMaker
  • Description of PR in the digital era
  • You can’t drown out people’s personal lives in social media with your business message
  • The quality issues with Taboola and Outbrain content
  • Google Panda and Penguin updates to combat SEO hacks
  • Leila’s new project ‘Jing Su’ applications without coding
  • Podcast Promotion tips for Catching 22
  • A warning about digital surveillance of dating and relationship sites.


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