Episode 5 – A ‘Daly’ dose of Mobiles & Things

Paul Daly drops in on us to talk about the early history of mobile infrastructure and mobile application development in Australia and how things have drastically changed for the better.

Paul also updates us on his more recent activities in mapping South Australia’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and shares his excitement over Adelaide’s opportunity in the emerging Internet of Things technology front.



Concepts and Themes

  • The beginning of the 3G network in Adelaide and South Australia
  • Mobile carriers of the past and their “walled garden” approach to mobile content and app distribution, sharing with the developer with under 5% of the revenue.
  • The Internet doesn’t forget
  • Adelaide doesn’t blow its own trumpet very well
  • Adelaide’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Map
  • Australia’s attitude to Failure, and is Failure the right word in our culture?
  • Mass Markets giving way to Niches and Mass Customisation
  • Internet of things > Internet of Everything
  • Cisco Lighthouse Cities
  • Privacy considerations with the Internet of Things


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