Episode 4 – Little Adelaide Startup – News Corp

In this episode we talk to Guy Turner – Customer Solutions Manager at News Corp Australia. Guy explains how both his role and the newspaper business has changed over the last decade.

Guy also explains the blessing and curse that digital is, as well as how News Corp is working towards establishing an innovation culture within its ranks by fostering and even participating in startup culture.



Concepts and Themes

  • Advertising metrics comparing traditional paper to view and click metrics.
  • Speed of news creation and the 24/7 news cycle.
  • Social aspects of news and publishing – power of the individual voice
  • Advertising Agencies and the dangers they face in applying trusted analog advertising concepts to online and social.
  • News Corp’s dependency on print advertising and its alternatives.
  • Lessons learnt in the MySpace purchase and the little known benefit that transaction provided.
  • Corporate Antibodies and how companies and individuals within companies can be a hindrance to innovation and required change.


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