Episode 2 – A not so Oddcast – OddGames

In this episode we talk to brothers David and Terry O’Donaghue and 3rd founder Ben Marsh about the genesis of their games company Odd Games. We talk about what it is like to work with family, and what is is like for Ben to work with 2 brothers.


  • David O’Donaghue
  • Terry O’Donaghue
  • Ben Marsh


Concepts and Themes

  • Working with Family and the importance of defining roles.
  • Dealing with the HIT / MISS nature of the games industry and strategies to smooth out this binary outcome.
  • Importance of Brand association and how an existing brand legitimise a new offering
  • Launch Strategies into the online content stores of iTunes and Google Play stores.
  • Business models of of app stores and mobile games and monetisation strategies of free-to-play games
  • Taking on investment and grant money
  • Job To Be Done of Monster Truck Games – is it Destruction or Customisation of their Ride?


  • Grant remember’s to mention an important family member of his own… brother Craig who is Co-Director of Enabled.


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