Episode 12 – C22 of COP21

In this Episode Grant flies solo and spends time talking to Explorer and Environmentalist Tim Jarvis AM while his co-host Eamon spends time getting over a cold. (Best wishes for fast healing Eamon)

With a Masters in environmental science and environmental law and only last year being announced as WWF-Australia Global Ambassador, Tim is amply qualified to explore the topic of climate change, which in our option is one of the world’s most vexing Catch 22s.

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Concepts and Themes

  • Cognative Dissonance of day to day life and climate change
  • The Arctic and how to ward of polar bears
  • No Dogs in the South Pole
  • Retracing Douglas Mawson’s Journey to the South Pole
  • Weight loss across the journey
  • Ernest Shackleton’s expeditions
  • Exploring Antarctica today even with technology, the possibility of death is very real.
  • Recreating Shackleton’s infamous two week, 1,500km journey from elephant Island to South Georgia
  • Eating Pemmican – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pemmican
  • Leadership qualities of Shackleton, never losing sight of the WHAT but modifying the HOW to suit the circumstances.
  • 25Zero expedition and how Tim’s Shackleton’s journey helped Tim consider the extended question of humanity’s own survival
  • Glaciers are considerably affected by climate change, very noticeable on equatorial mountains
  • Climbing 3 mountains while COP21 is on
  • 21 years of climate talks and still no legally binding agreement for reduction in carbon emission
  • Presidents like Obama and François Hollande might like to leave a legacy
  • INDC Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
  • Catch 22 at the individual level: Climate change to the average person feels too complicated to warrant even trying
  • Hard to believe that an individual can have an effect
  • Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  • Keep it in the Ground Guardian Newspaper
  • We cannot burn what we have in reserves, yet oil and gas companies are still looking for more
  • Using your superannuation as a lever to discourage the fossil fuel industry
  • Need a staged withdrawal from fossil fuel and those who are most capable of withdrawing should!
  • Challenges of Software development – using the same strategies to accomplishing an expedition to successfully negotiate a software project
  • The Martian Movie is a Shackleton Story
  • Exploring Mars as a new frontier
  • There is nothing like first hand experience to learning things about our world


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