Episode 11 – Mixed Tape

This Episode we (Eamon and Grant) spend some time reflecting on the first 10 Catching 22 episodes, commenting on our highlights and surprised takeaways.

We also spend a good amount of time discussing one of Grant’s favourite market assessment / product development techniques “Jobs to be Done”.

We wrap up our chat with a commentary about books and movies we’ve recently enjoyed and drop a few hints about some of the guests we have planned for future episodes.


Concepts and Themes

  • That being an entrepreneur is a challenging journey.
  • The lessor known effects that content piracy has on the Australian film industry.
  • That Android and iOS are now different enough that their unique interface paradigms should respected by developers.
  • Jobs to be done (JTBD) as a very good tool for evaluating why people use software and everyday objects.
  • Clayton Christensen’s Milkshake example for JTBD
  • Teaching content about JTBD as part of the University of Adelaide’s Tech eChallenge program


Books, Podcasts and Online Things

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