Episode 10 – Shifty Jelly

This Episode we invite Russell Ivanovic from Shifty Jelly into the studio to chat about what it is like to be an App developer who is making their own products.

We learn about the transition from paid occupation to working on his own business, the experiences of having a number one app in the Apple App Store, success factors in developing Apps and the benefits of breaking a Non Disclosure Agreement with one of the worlds most successful internet companies.



Concepts and Themes

  • Publishing Apps in the early days
  • Apple’s rejection of apps and gradual easing of restrictions
  • How they decided to make a podcast app
  • Working with RSS Feeds
  • Popularity of their App on iPhone and enthusiasm from noisy Android enthusiasts eventually pushed Pocket Casts into Android
  • What makes Android their preferred platform these days?
  • The experience of working remotely with interstate team members
  • Experiences and experimenting with different online app stores
  • Broken promises and poor results with Amazon’s free app of the day and the meltdown of their server because of Amazon’s poor timing
  • Violating Amazon’s NDA through Shifty Jelly’s blog to explain Amazon’s exploitation of App developers
  • The importance of reading app store and developer  agreements
  • App Marketing Strategies for Apps
  • The App Store gold is rush over
  • The progression of: Be an App developer make millions! – Put an app in the store possibly make thousands. – Kickstart my app? – to finally I’m an app developer for hire, please give me a job!
  • Games have been spoiled by free to play
  • Contrasting fee-for-service and working on your own apps – in particular building apps for other entrepreneurs
  • The concern of the trap with fee-for-service
  • Trying to decide what projects to work on
  • Using constraints to enhance opportunity for innovation and novel ideas to emerge
  • Speed to market is imporant, more imporant than a good idea
  • What is Google’s Material?
  • Google’s response to PocketCast with Material
  • Appearing in the Advertiser news paper on the front page
  • Being invited to develop for Android Auto and Android Wear
  • Working with Andy Inako and Yasmine Evjen on the Material Podcast


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